Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Michael Jackson (RIP) with SERBIAN Order of the White Eagle

First "they" sad that he have no idea what that medal means and also that he wear medal for no reason at all...but still Michael send near 50 T of food to Serbian child's in Bosnia...
Its hard to say ...R.I.P from Serbia :{


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Horror - Giant Skeleton Revealed

Giant human skeleton was uncovered in the northen region of India. This region of the Indian desert is called the Empty Quarter and it`s under the jurisdiction of Indian Army.

The skeleton is 80 feet tall and it`s likely to be human. Government of India has secured the whole area and no one is allowed to enter.
The Indian mythology speaks about giants namely Rakshasas, who were created to bring order among us since we were always fighting with each other.


Curve Ball


Elite Shooter


Russian Antarctic Station

Anton Chekalin has visited Russian Antarctic station and has shot there some interesting places.
For example, what you see on the photo above is the Russian water well. The have made a 16 feet (5 meters) deep hole in the ice and there they can get fresh water from somewhere, so when person gets in there he can see sun trying to penetrate through this many feet thick ice.

This is photo from so called "oasis", where the temperature is about 5 degrees higher than around, so it is just a hot place over there. Penguins have a strange ritual - from generation to generation they go on peligrimage - sometimes for as long as two months - so that just to reach this place, stay there for sometimes for just a few hours and go back to their usual places of living.
This truck was abandoned there since the Soviet era of Antarctic exploration.


Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael Jackson - Gratest Songs Ever

Michael Jackson - Billie Jean - Best Ever Moonwalk

# 26 Michael Jackson - Heal the World

# 25 Michael Jackson - Cry

# 24 Michael Jackson - Will You Be There

# 23 Michael Jackson - They Don't Care About Us(Prison)

# 22 Michael Jackson&Britney Spears - The way you ...

# 21 Michael Jackson - Leave Me alone

# 20 Michael Jackson-Blood on the Dance Floor

# 19 Michael Jackson - Man In The Mirror

# 18 Michael Jackson - Remember The Time

# 17 Michael Jackson - Jam

# 16 Jackson Five-Blame it on the Boogie

# 15 Michael Jackson - In the Closet

# 14 Michael Jackson - Earth Song

# 13 Michael Jackson - You are not alone

# 12 Michael Jackson - Black or White (Full Version)

# 11 Michael Jackson - Bad - Music Video - Extra Long Version

# 10 Michael Jackson - Smooth Criminal

# 9 Michael Jackson & Paul McCartney - Say Say Say

# 8 Michael Jackson - I Just Cant Stop Loving You

# 7 Michael Jackson - Who Is It ?

# 6 Michael Jackson - Dirty Diana ( official )

# 5 Michael Jackson feat Slash - Giving to me-Dangerous (1993)

# 4 Michael Jackson - Liberian Girl

# 3 Michael Jackson - Billy Jean

# 2 Michael Jackson - Beat It (Live 1996)

# 1 Michael Jackson - Thriller (HQ) (WideScreen)

Thank you Michael for your music


Friday, June 26, 2009

Imitation Robert De Niro and Sylvester Stallone


Amazing Car Paint


Crazy Driver


Ultra Car Design

Voisin Concept Sports Car
The Voisin Concept sports car is a high performance car inspired by the Avions Voisin French brand from the 1920s and 1930s. It was created by Portuguese car design studio LusoMotors.

Dodge Demon Roadster Concept

The 35,000 £ Lotus Exige accelerates to 60mph in just 4.1 seconds and is being used by Sussex Police to tackle boy racers.The police say they bought the car so that boy racers will talk to them and so the police can advise them not to speed!

It looks like the Bugatti Veyron has it all:

* A W-16 engine that can produce 1,001 horsepower
* A top speed of 250mph + (400kph +)
* A zero-to-60 time of three seconds
* A zero-to-180 time of 14 seconds
* A sticker price somewhere in the $1.2 million range
Gumpert Sport
Lamborgini Gallardo
Aston Martin DB

Lexus Minority Report


Hot Car Design

Alpine Concept Car: BMW Sinister

Pagani ZondaCarver Turn

Adtra Montana
KTM X Bow2007 Paulin VR Concept

Bugatti Veyron
Exasis Concept
Hakaze Concept
Beon Concept


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