Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Amazing Hunt for the Toilet Seat

I was walking down the street when i felt that i need to go to the toilet.Then i saw something strange, looking like toilet.I have enter in it and i have the weird feeling that somebody is watching me.I decided to look around for some other place.
Something strange happend then.Plumber guy was passing by me in his car , sitting on the toilet seat and waiving to me.I said"This is weird,man",then i walked to the other side of the street.
Seeing that i couldnt make it to the toilet if i go on like this,i prepare myself to stop some car, to drive me to my house.Then something bizarre hapend.A guy with toilet seat has stoped to drop me of to my place.I scream aloud and run into the forest thinking that somebody is making a fool out of me.
Then i run into the sign i neded for.But it looks like i will never get there in time.I must hurry.
I felt release when i saw sight like this.All alone in nature and the toilet seat,what a great place to be!!Then i heard some freaking weird sound coming from the bushes,i run instantly to save my life!!!
I get out from the forest and run into the local restaurant.I said"This is what i need",and when i get inside i started to laugh like madman so everyone has staring at me.
I entered finally in the Toilet and when i pull my pants down i saw that a lot of hands want to touch my pride.I was trying to sit down on toilet seat but then ....
I have seen nails that someone has put there to make some prank-"stupid guy" i said.
The other toilet seat is speaking to me and saying "Give it to me"- I could not believe what is happening to me,"Am i going crazy??"
I disregarded the picture on the wall.Who wants to laugh at this moment?
Finally i wanted to wash my hands.Cool looking sink,isnt it?
And when i wanted to wipe my hands i collapsed because big spider was on the toilet paper.
Rest of the evening i cant remember because i wake up and figure out that it was all the DREAM.What a release,don`t you think so?


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