Thursday, July 9, 2009

Worst Photoshop Mistakes Ever - Amazing

Need an extra hand?

Nice stomach on the "Before" picture

World's smallest waist - Maxim Mexico

The model apparently had a stroke during her shoot (right eye)

The only cereal that makes you white

Yeah, nice legs

No head ?

Designer who needs Photoshop training wakes up and utters "OMG! I forgot to put her finger back in"

Is she's about to devour her friend?

Madonna's Microcephalic issue

So what's wrong with this girl's arm?

How many hands do you actually have Lady Guineviere?

You're freaking the kids out!

Hey good job removing that woman, though I think you missed a bit.

Number Six in the Suzuki comes from in front to overtake the Yamaha and is clearly now behind and can only needs to stay in front to lose the race. Fantastic.


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